Shreveport Artist Session {musically-inspired}

So I was going to wait until next week for this Throwback Thursday post, buuuut seeing as yesterday was Sarah’s  birthday, I thought I’d make a special exception. : )

I’ve been insanely busy lately (wedding planning will do that to ya 😉 ) so I wanted to be sure and hop back on the blogpost train. So here goes! This is a throwback session from this year, but it’s far too fun to miss out on its own special post. So, sit back and enjoy!

Miss Sarah Duet approached me a while back about wanting a session that would display all her amazing talents and artistry. She said she wanted me to try any ideas I’d had, gave me a couple of location ideas, and left me free to run creatively in the shoot. Her shoot was one of the most experimental I think I’ve ever done, and we were definitely rewarded for knowing the rules of photography and breaking a few of them. : ) I would encourage you to take a look at her work, she’s really insanely talented. Hope you enjoy this one, leave some comment love!

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Missy Wise {A vintage-inspired musician shoot}

This is one of those blogposts that I get all giddy about and can’t WAIT to release. So, buckle your seat belts. : )

It’s always one of my favorite chats to have when my dear friend Missy is alllllmost ready to release an album and needs some new promo material. (Check out her fan page and LIKE her HERE. You will not be disappointed.) : ) This year, however, the conversation was different. We talked over ideas about really conveying the message of her soon-to-be-released album “Issues” which comes out  on iTunes 2.20.12, and both agreed it needed to be a different shoot than we’d ever done before. Having a lot of material reflecting her heart about some really tough topics, this album needed a strong face to it. One that you couldn’t forget or look past, one that stood against issues like loneliness, sex trafficking, and the rawness of life in general.

So, as you can imagine, the weight was heavy on my heart to really get this one right. I scoured my mind for ideas and new approaches and ways of shooting. We looked at shoots we’d seen and styles that resonated with the theme, and there was only one solution: I would have to break out into a simple, studio setup to really achieve what we were going for. The timing was impeccable. I found an ad online for a used Novatron light set and jumped at the chance. We decided on a stark white canvas and a simple set, and the rest is history. Not only did we really achieve what we were going for, I had (unknowingly) thrown myself into in-studio work again–which has been nothing but a JOY. I love the control I have, I love the crispness of design, and I love the vintage finishing we chose for this particular shoot. I hope you enjoy a few of our favorites, we’re pretty dang pleased!

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