Shreveport Engagement Session: Justin and Anna {bookworm-inspired!}

I can’t imagine a sweeter, more joyful couple to have in my life than Justin and Anna. Just a little backstory…these two have been my dear friends for many years now, and when they asked me to do their engagements (and Anna’s bridals–soon to be taken!) I absolutely jumped at the chance. What an absolute honor. : )

Anna is probably best known for being the “happiest person you’ll ever meet”, as well as an INCREDIBLE dancer in the company for Ballet Arkansas. She adores sunflowers and pretty much any kind of big, bright flower, and sometimes you’ll catch her holding conversations with them. True story. Justin is probably best known for his roaring chuckle of a laugh that soars over most any social situation. He’s a high school English teacher with a zeal for exploring every bit of life he can, and can climb pretty much any surface, building, or obstacle around. It’s really kind of freaky.

They simply love life and love each other well.

So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t TOO much of a challenge to catch them in their element. We brought along all their favorites…books, sunflowers, coffee, comfort, and sunshine. It was a simply magical afternoon. Enjoy! : ) -C
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8 thoughts on “Shreveport Engagement Session: Justin and Anna {bookworm-inspired!}

  1. This is a great reveal of the love Anna and Justin have for each other.. love love love the hearts 🙂 Precious couple.. love you bunches.. Good photos Carrie 🙂

  2. Carrie! What beautiful photos of Anna and Justin!….may be you should photograph me and my boyfriend in a few month…if you know what I mean 🙂

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